2015-05-25 15.36.45 (2)

In my mind’s eye

I travel to that quiet place in the forest

where the sound of my footsteps are muted

by blankets of pine needles, soft and fragrant

Walking further into this enchanted land

I welcome the quiet as I follow a path

that follows the course of that meandering river

whose water flows over ancient boulders, cascading and free

Here and there, clusters of tender snowdrops

dance in the gentle breeze while those

busy squirrels chase one another up trees

whose branches stretch like arms, welcoming and wide

Becoming a little breathless as my path ascends

this steep trail through the deepest woods

I push forward, knowing the greatest reward is just around the bend

my heart beats just a little faster, anticipating and inspired

Taking that last step, I leap across the edge of that cliff

standing next to a deep chasm that swallows the light

Smiling as my aim holds true, I reach the other side

and revel in the  vistas before me, spectacular and healing

Because that crystal lake below, calm and serene

mirrors the serenity my spirit seeks and I escape

the chaos of life for just a moment,

even if it’s only in my mind’s eye


photo: mine

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