Old Bones Dancing


What will happen when I am an old woman

stripped bare of the trappings daily life brings

When I forget the importance of impressions designed

to enhance the illusions of life we all project

When what is left is my core, raw and exposed

Will I embrace laughter, delighting in fanciful music

only I can hear when my private orchestra plays

Dancing as it echoes my fearless voice

Will cherished memories guide me tenderly,

surrounding me with the softness of velvet or

will those hidden thorns of past regret pierce

that fragile bubble I’ve spent a lifetime creating

Because today allows for decadent reflection

and I know my past creates my future

I defy the self-absorbed tendency to linger

on superficial invitations of a material world

When I am an old woman

I want the freedom to appreciate the beauty

in the simple necessities we all need

Love, laughter, a warm place to lay my weary head

and a wide-open space for my old bones to dance

photo: Pixabay

prompt: MadVerse 628


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