Roots of Life


Beside the gnarled knuckled branches of that old tree

long since devoid of lush leaves on outstretched fingers

a tender sapling reached for the light

Soaking in the warmth of morning sun, weathering afternoon rains

It set roots to await the wind that would surely blow

disguised under the wings of a gentle breeze

The whirlwind began slowly, swirling around the base

of the sapling now slow-dancing beneath that great oak

whose broad roots lent strength to the trembling ones at its side

And when the howling blasts came, threatening to break tender branches

those twisted arms bent and swayed, providing some shelter from the storm

knowing that north wind would at last relent, at last relent

Intertwined, those gnarled knuckled branches and the ever-growing sapling

created a peaceful canopy under each bright morning

providing a nursery for the scattering of wildflowers that bloomed just beneath

photo: Pixabay

prompt: #RootsVerse


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