Butterfly Tears


Your loss weighs heavy

like a cloth dampened by a thousand tears

imprisoning your shattered soul in a prison of endless grief

And I, helpless and confined, desperately seek a way

to write a different ending

But when reality suffocates hope

and that which is done cannot be undone

I put away my pen and push away the paper

for sometimes words, even in their awesome power,

cannot circumnavigate fate

Your loss weighs heavy

like a thousand stones crushing a delicate butterfly

pulling the light from your eyes, pebble by pebble

And I, committed and true, lay down my broken net

to wrap my loving arms around you

Because words are sometimes not enough

and sometimes emotions must come

from simply being

today I will sit by your side and

share your tears

photo: Pixabay

prompt: Madverse 642


  1. Beautiful. You are right, there are situations words do not help, but physical touch such has hugs says everything that needs to be said, and is better help. Sorrowful but lovely poem.


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