Mandated Reporter

child's bike

Abandoned by the side of the congested street

It was well used, faded red streamers ensnared in rusted handlebars

whipping in the wind as if trying to capture freedom

This child’s toy, a delicate identity,

defined innocence and demanded notice

discarded among overgrown shrubs and broken windows

Careful observation of the world to which I belong

tells stories I sometimes wish to ignore –  still, I resist the urge

to hide from sorrow and rebel against injustice one page at a time

Oh, open heart, if you are my sin,

grant me the power to find my voice so I may

make a difference, one child at a time

photo: Flickr

prompts: AshVerse, VerseReversal


  1. Well written. I admire her dedication to help each child, despite the sorrow in some children’s lives, and of them. Perhaps, the tricycle could be a happy memory too??


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