Living Nightmares


She heard the thunder but never felt the rain

It rumbled and rolled through her chest and

shook the ground beneath her bare feet

but not a drop fell from that steel grey sky

She witnessed the crash but never saw the impact

It exploded in squealing tires seeking purchase and

shattering glass raining on her unprotected body

but not a sliver fell from that spider-webbed windshield

She saw the rabid dog but never felt its bite

It growled and lunged from a broken chain and

charged with intent at her outstretched arms

but not even its great weight fell onto her expectant frame

She smelled the antiseptic but never felt the pinch

It sent waves of hope and whispered prayers and

raced through veins weary from this familiar course

but not a tear fell from eyes blinded by the truth

Living nightmares so real each sense is awakened

Lines are blurred between endless nights and fractured days

Living life so surreal each sense is dulled

Lines are blurred as long days become the endless night

photo: Pixabay


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