tablo prompt

Lost in the melancholy of inevitable goodbyes,

each breath was an effort, burning bridges

with shades of fire that lit a backdrop of

regret and second guesses

Suspended in indecision, choices were hers to make

And so she floated, if only to give opportunity to

revelation patiently waiting to be discovered…

a pinpoint of light flickering in the depth of endless stars

When her head cleared, like smoke from extinguished flames,

and darkness gave way to a beautiful summer night,

she captured fireflies with stained-glass wings,

and celebrated inspiration found in simple pleasures

Photo: Tablo Prompts

Prompts: Tablo and MadVerse


  1. “fireflies with stained-glass wings” That’s beautiful. They do have wings like that but as many fireflies as I have seen up close in my life, I have never thought of their wings in that way. I just love it when a poem lets me see the familiar in a new way. Also, you’r last line is the motto of my life! Great post!

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