Summer Wind

photo by Steven Frischling

Something about the summer wind

soothes my restless heart

Endless days fade gently into cool nights

as I unwrap the long winter’s cloak from

my shoulders, no longer weary from its weight

And so I wake to welcome each stunning sunrise,

awed by the glorious colors that paint the sky

Even long shadows cast possibilities on

this sleepy town, still damp with morning dew

The sweet fragrance of beach rose fills the air

Something about the summer’s warmth

refreshes my tired spirit

bestowing strength as I walk by the water’s edge

The pounding surf sings its sweet song

as I hum softly, keeping time with the eternal beat

Even this nomadic heart must pause to enjoy

the passion of a summer sunset

Vibrant shades of red, purple, and gold project possibilities on

this tourist town, still buzzing with sumptuous energy

The sound of celebration rides with my old friend, that summer wind


prompt: The Sits Girls

photo: Steven Frischling, Niantic, CT

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