Seeking Bridges

31coleman (2)

When the sound of a slamming door

echoes for too long, it reveals truths

only a healed heart can hear

Because before it closed, it framed the gateway

to promises made and dreams held,

somehow innocent in intention

Because as it closed, it carried the weight

of differences unreconciled and frailty revealed,

somehow reinforced in anger

Because after it closed, it defined the difference

of what came before and what would be,

somehow twisted in solid foundations

When those intentions uttered so long ago still linger

after slamming doors fall silent and friendship comes full circle,

that door serves as a bridge connecting you and I

photo: mine

prompt: Discover Challenge


  1. That first stanza is stunning – “echos…truths…only a healed heart can hear” This idea goes full cycle with descriptions of before, as, and after the closing to come back around to being a bridge. I enjoy the balance of your crafting as well as the idea of the door joining the same people it separates.

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