Gratitude Found


Discarded and cast aside,

my gratitude journal gathered dust

The only entry, Once Upon a Time,

just fading ink on a wrinkled page

Taking ownership of happiness

that could be mine, should be mine

took time as I searched for my lost pen

buried beneath experiences long passed

Stepping from shadows explored to completion,

I invited the warm summer sun to bathe my body and mind

with the feeling of gratitude itself

as I walked away from empty spaces

Refreshed and renewed, my journey landed

somewhere beneath that moonlit sky

where possibilities danced with twinkling stars

and awareness of blessings flowed

Rushing to capture this new found bounty

in that reclaimed journal, my now steady hand

raced across a crisp page as fresh ink inscribed

Forever Upon A Time

photo: Pixabay

prompts: #Storytime Sunday, Natalie Louise Fox, Mind with Matter


  1. What a great analogy you sustained throughout this whole lovely poem. I so love the line, “where possibilities danced with twinkling star…” And of course your closing line! What an uplifting reminder that gratitude can be as near as the sun on your skin.

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  2. Love the poem! I hope you take next week’s prompt and make something beautiful, as well. Thank you for taking part in Storytime Sunday on and for the visit!

    Liked by 1 person

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