What If


What if those iron bars that surround you

were nothing more than gossamer threads,

shredded remnants of broken dreams still

projecting the illusion of captivity

What if…

What if that touchstone you treasured

for all those years, revered and held

by insignificant power, now fell

buried in the muck, dull and cracked

What if…

What if what was, isn’t

What if what was, never was

and what if whatever comes next

is good enough, good enough

What if….

What if you quieted

all those voices

asking What if

What if you did

What if…

Hush now, close your eyes and just be

Your heart’s asylum waits

Your soul’s sanctuary is prepared

Reach beyond the security of second guesses

What if you did

Seek to journey high above that iron cage

and find a new touchstone

A place that will release and rescue you

waits to bestow the serenity found in

believing you can

photo: Pixabay

prompts: MSpoetry, Written River, MadVerse, Tasty Poem, WyldeVerse

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