Family Reunion


Cradled in the comfort of familiar ways

days slipped by, drifting like a leaf on a lazy river

Even on the edge of that grand waterfall

troubles faded in gentle whispers

Some say you can never go home again

but the heart holds a salve that always mends

Spent some time with babies I once held

in the world of my younger days

Held them close and then let go

Somehow surviving each phase

With wonder, I see them now almost grown

exploring the world and making it their own

Reminisced with my siblings each evening

sipping coffee by the light of the moon

Laughing over adventures we have shared

we celebrated victories and healed every wound

Some say home is where the heart resides

Sisters are just that, exemplified

Time spun into pure gold that week

as I watched my parents make memories

Food made with love, sprinkled with

stories to regale our large assembly

With grace, I am thankful everlastingly

We are family

photo: mine


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