Was faith that led me to you

Somehow believed it was all true

Followed my restless heart

’til I learned that day under skies so blue

it was wrong from the start

You said there’d never be another

and kept me safe in your arms

but now I’m wearing my mourning veil

Lipstick on your collar set off alarms

Oh baby, I followed the trail

Why do I hear your voice

when I’m languishing on the edge

caught in that in between, making a choice

It’s the bits and pieces of yesterday

got me running, running again

Dreams of tomorrow already underway

I’m forever the castaway

Where do you go when the night sleeps

Truth fills the silence

in a house that was a home

Now that preacher man offers guidance

for all the chances you’ve blown

But I’m leaving in the morning

just giving you fair warning

This heart might be naïve

but somewhere out there

is the man that will let me believe

Run, run, running again

I’m forever the castaway

photo: mine

prompts: #Soulwords, #MSpoetry

  • Happy to say this is not based on present day 😍

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