Brothers in Spirit


They were brothers in spirit

Been friends forever, never found one without the other

Always there for each other, even when dark times came to visit

Belief and trust were implicit

Caught between broken barriers and abandoned words

They tried to find their way, letting shattered promises ricochet

Worked to hide the hurt as crying voices went unheard

Had to look deep to find the truth beneath those smirks

Spent some time appeasing demons

Too long masking heartache, not caring what was at stake

Felt better giving those lies credence

Destroyed what was there for false reasons

Remember those boys risking temptation

trying to stay on the right side of life

knew some things were never worth the price

Running on the edge between ecstasy and damnation

they’re still pursuing redemption

Happened one night when the weight was too much to bear

Fury surfaced at last, slicing the night with shards of glass

Didn’t try to hide when the sirens blared

Tried to convince themselves they didn’t care

But when time came to right the wrongs

those boys became men, lost the need to seek revenge

Each found his path though that friendship remained strong

Let go of ghosts haunting them too long

Brothers in spirit, friends for life

Stronger when faced with strife

those brothers in spirit, friends for life

photo: J. Messina

prompts: #WyldeVerse, #SableSwanVerse, #MadVerse

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