Fresh Perspectives


Existing for too long in a world

heavy with the weight of war and suffering,

she’d lost hope

Burdened by the memories

of wrongs that could not be made right,

he’d lost faith

Crossing paths

that moonlit night,

they should have been enemies

Was that abandoned doll

broken and covered in dirt

that softened guarded hearts

Picking it up, she felt the tug of childhoods lost

Seeing it cradled in her frail arms, he felt the pull of common memories

Together, they remembered the humanity that could exist

Their eyes, once as cloudy and lifeless as that discarded doll’s,

grew bright with the possibilities the future held

as strangers shared visions of harmony

What began as cautious conversation

slowly evolved into mutual trust

bonded by a fervent search for peace

In all that made them different

the truth of what made them similar was stronger,

as the enduring spirit of love was set free

photo: Pixabay

prompt: Writer’s Carnival


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