With one eye open

and one eye shut,

I am still…

ready to receive

answers I’ve been seeking

In this quest

for hope, for resolution,

I am open….

listening to the

quiet echoes of Truth

Peace surrounds me, knowing

it is your hand that holds mine

I am ready…

Here and now, always

traveling this journey together

photo: Free Flow Friday

prompts: Free Flow Friday, WP Daily Prompt, WP Discover, #Poem_Pocket,

Five Minute Fridays

14 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. It’s beautiful, Michele. I came to quite a few cross roads and came to the simula feeling of acceptance. Thank you for sharing. Oh, I come to you with a question. Harry from Poet’s Corner wants to send me an invitation as one of the authors. He wants me to click follow on the top left of the blog, but I could only find the button on the right sidebar of the blog seen from my laptop screen. So I clicked again today. I don’t know if it goes through. Do you have any advice for me to find the “follow.”

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    1. Hello! Thank you for commenting. Did you check your dashboard for Poet’s Corner? It should be listed under “My Sites.” Or when you go to post, you should have a choice between your site and Poet’s Corner. If not, get in touch with Harry. He’s very helpful.

      Poet’s Corner is a great site. Very supportive and incredibly talented writers. I look forward to seeing you there! 😀

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