Sometimes, I’m lost

slipping too far from the truth

Cut by rough edges I’ve crossed

Misdeeds made with broken pride, no excuse

And sometimes, I’m reckless

sometimes it’s true

when I can’t kick these blues

these phantom hands guide me,

pushing me to lose

But when the edge is near,

and what it means

becomes perfectly clear,

my chameleon soul changes colors

and finds a new scene

Sometimes, I’m found

slipping too far from home

listening to silence in this battleground

as this scarred heart roams

it roams

photo: Pixabay

prompts: #SableSwanV, Lyric Ideas

In her book ‘Addict In The Family,’ author Beverly Conyers left us with this wise advice after dealing with the addiction in her daughter’s life: “Letting go of expectations is fundamental for recovery for families. Only then can we stop projecting and worrying about the outcome of things. We should also not expect that people will or won’t behave in a particular way. Many of us live on a roller coaster of hope and disappointment, fear and relief, as we try to predict what the future will bring to our addicted loved one.”

dedicated to all those fighting this battle



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