Thankful for her free spirit

She is oblivious to the stares

as knowing glances are exchanged

and snarky smirks are barely disguised

What does it say when

those that remind our children

to be kind delight tearing down

the quirkiness of another?

I suppose it is human nature,

that fragile façade, to condemn

those that are different from

what society dictates as “normal”

Hypocrisy lurks behind polite smiles,

driven by ugliness we all share

Knowing I sometimes succumb to that same

mean-spiritedness, my shortcomings are great

Fearing admonitions might

bring awareness to that old character,

I hold my tongue, saddened by cruelty but

thankful higher powers hold her spirit free

photo: Pexels.com

prompt: The Daily Post

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