Counting to Ten

grand central.jpg

Catch my breath, count to ten

waiting to make sense

of the senseless

Fact and fiction blend

One more minute waiting

two different ways to see

life so sweet, if only

my knees would stop shaking

Three corners in the same angle

four sides to every box

I’ll take my chances

time to disentangle

Time ticking fast

Hands gripping, conventions smashed

Adventure, my new neighbor

Mystery, a matchmaker

Five faces to meet

Six doors to explore

Hey, I’m on a roll

no longer small and meek

Seven wonders and

eight items checked off a list

the senseless starts to make sense

letting go of that secondhand

Nine years later

life sweet and sweeter

counting my blessings

Happiness, I’ll cater


the common denominator

Hear that chime?

Count to ten

photo: mine

prompts: Poets on the Page, Five Minute Friday/Write 31 Days, WP Daily Post, Lyric Ideas

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