3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge [Day 1]

Thanks to Hannah for nominating me. I’ll do my best to participate!

2B or Not 2B

Thank you to Shunnom for nominating me for this amazing challenge. I believe in archiving memories and words and keeping legacies alive; this challenge is one tangible way to do that. The following quotes are a few of my own that I feel compelled to share. Feel free to comment below on your thoughts, ideas, or with your very own quotes!


I hope these were able to strike a chord with someone. After all, that is the point of quotes: to pluck at someone’s heartstrings in a way that produces a meaningful harmony.

The rules of the 3 Day, 3 Quote Challenge are as follows:

  1. Write three quotes each day for three days.
  2. Nominate three nominees per day. (Restrain from repetition).
  3. Inform the nominees.

My nominees for today are

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