Those final hours

a time for reflection

bitterness swathed in

pitiful introspection

he ticked off each sin

enjoying the wrath

his power incurred

he’d lost sight of this world

too late, regret deferred

arrogance tightly bound and furled

Greed fueled

his lust for more

pride came at a high cost

he knew not was in store

as Judgement named what was lost

Confronted by

the cries of the pious

he banned the truth

blinded by his own bias

developed in his youth

and on his throne alone

that old castle fell in disrepair

sloth filled each day

as he feasted on their prayers

gluttony – his ego – come what may

in the dark hours

he realized too late

Envy of all called Innocence

too pure to hold visions of hate

the bell tolled, a final dissonance

photo: Pixabay

prompts: Poets on the Page, Five Minute Friday/Write 31 Days, WP Daily Post, #MDBPrompt

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