Imagined Lives


Saw him pushing that cart,

his home base

Bottles and cans shifted as

he struggled with one wheel

spinning in the wrong direction

Was this the life he imagined?

Followed her down the aisles

as she carefully chose a bouquet of flowers

Something in her smile, the one

that never reached her eyes,

made me wonder about her journey

Was this the life she imagined?

That old couple there on the park bench

lost in quiet conversation and

joyful laughter as they shared an

ice cream cone in the afternoon sun

They seemed so content

Did life bring them everything they imagined?

And somewhere in the noisy primary class

a girl held up her masterpiece

the future she imagined

the subject, unimportant

the dream, everything

Anything still a possibility

photo: Public Domain Pictures

prompt: 2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 4, WP Daily Post, Five Minute Friday


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