No Nevermind


Often alone, even on Visiting Day,

she wandered the halls in her threadbare robe

shuffling heel to toe, heel to toe

and muttered nevermind, no nevermind, no

Always following the same path

driven by melodies of her youth

she’d find a patch of sunlight

there by the windows covered in bars

the scent of roses overpowered the antiseptic

the laughter of children blocked moans of the dying

friendly faces replaced the stares of strangers

for a moment, she was home

Even the most casual observer bore witness

as her transformation emerged

Her frail arms became supple and her steps,

no longer planted in pain, became steady

Lost in a world of her making

that wide smile reached the sparkle

in her unseeing eyes as she vanished

into the safety of familiar memories

And in the vast landscape her mind created

she’d meet the only man she’d ever loved

waiting each day with a bouquet of roses

and the same sweet song

Nevermind your troubles, my darling dear

No nevermind your sorrows, I’m here

You have my heart wherever you go

My beautiful wife, don’t shed a tear

I’ll make all the sadness disappear

Heel to toe, heel to toe,

they’d dance together

a love stronger than time was all it took

heel to toe, heal to tow her burdens away

photo: Pixabay

prompts: #aseverythingturnsgray, WordPress Daily Post, #SableSwanVerse


  1. Beautiful piece and great imagery. Its sad she is alone and has no visitors. But at least in her mind, she can escape back to better days, to the ones she loved. Her husband with flowers and dancing. Sometimes living in a dream world is much better than reality.

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      • Yeah I agree with you. And I think they need to think about that with seniors residences. Even though they may need different care, not splitting up husbands and wives or relatives and friends. But working out some way to keep them together as much as possible.

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