An Accidental Life


In a life

sometimes too busy

we forget to remember

In the hum and buzz

of this noisy world

we forget to listen

If simple progress is

one step forward and two steps back

we can forget to dream

If we aren’t careful

tomorrow might be

far too late

So tonight

meet me under the stars

we’ll share a winter’s kiss

If this day creates the next

let’s spend the night lost

in counting heartbeats

What do you say?

We can make our love stronger

than this accidental life

photo: Pixabay

prompts: #AshVerse, #TheSmellOfWords, #DrugVerse #RavensVeil, #Poem_Pocket


  1. Love this poem about living the moment right nice, before you forget and the business of life takes over. Sounds perfect beneath the stars 🙂 Lovely writing!

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