Broken Lights

*reblogging an old poem…


Beneath the sparkling surface

Under festive ribbons and bows

Behind stockings hung with care

Lurks another side to Christmas

Filled with despair


In the quiet night

sits a young mother alone

by the cracked ceramic jar

emblazoned with “Pennies for a Rainy Day”

She knows it won’t go far


Across town

the room begins to fill

with the homeless and the poor

Thankful for hot meals

No other gifts will grace their door


Up the stairs

in a silent apartment

an old man moans

Recording another holiday

spent all alone


As we hustle and bustle

and gather last minute things

We should all pause to think

All the forgotten during this festive time

Who live on the brink


  1. I was touched by your words, it is easy to forget about people living in silence, in dark corners, in lonely houses when we are busy celebrating , thanks for reblogging this. Thanks for visiting my blog and following it! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with all the beautiful moments!

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