Faith and Family


Traditions hold captive the place of our dreams

where hope and yearnings, past and present live

where we believe anything is true

when we gather once again to remember

what is was like when time stood still


Laughter and light bring comfort that streams

across candlelit tables filled with gifts to give

across miles and time with a different view

inside a gathering each December

beside the tree decorated on the hill


Tinsel and twinkling lights gleam

and old ways demand we relive

and we acknowledge all we knew

so to share traditions to each new member

of this family built on a foundation of good will



photo: mine

prompts: Life of a Writer


  1. I too believe that the past with it’s traditions bonds old and new….you put it well in your words the hidden bond that we should ignite here and there, rather then let it extinguish carelessly.

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