Silent Battles


She suffers in silence, alone

Her outward appearance, deceptive

as her body wages war on itself

crippling joints, a slow-motion stranglehold


Her outward appearance, deceptive

Some days are good while others succumb

to that slow-motion stranglehold as it tightens its grip

Her counter attack, a cornucopia of pills ā€” yellow, pink, orange


Still, some days are good enough to balance those when she succumbs

to relentless fatigue and chronic pain that saps her energy until

she wages that counter attack with shades of yellow, pink, and orange

She is silent, suffering alone as we become brothers-in-arms


Relentless fatigue and chronic pain sap her energy

as the search for a cure continues in the dedicated community

We, brothers-in-arms, tirelessly campaign to raise awareness

so that she no longer suffers alone, silently



for Mom, Mo, Ashley, and Elizabeth


photo: Pinterest


prompt: NYPC #19/MoSt Poetry, #pantoum


  1. I feel so bad for the person you describe. Her crippling pain and fatigue, how hard it is to feel well enough to do anything. Very bad arthritis or fibromyalgia come to mind.

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