In the Name of Faith


Father remembers odd shadows

threading time at every turn

and mother cries as she remembers

the child who is gone

A pastor preaches faith

as the choir sings of losses revealed

Investigators toil to uncover what clues revealed

Searching for evil that lurks in the shadows

That he would be caught was a matter of faith

as they waited for the tide to turn

Justice due for the child who is gone

and for her mother who still remembers

And for that mother who remembers

the ugly side of humanity revealed

the beautiful smile forever gone

And for a father, broken in the shadows

threading time at every turn

too burdened to find hope or faith

But from another side, another place, the child named Faith

exists in peace, holding onto love she remembers

Swirling in her parents’ arms, she turns and turns

The beautiful side of humanity revealed

She is light chasing every shadow

A love that is never gone

Slowly, slowly the sadness lifted, ‘though never quite gone

They mended broken pieces to honor a child named Faith

Slowly, slowly they accepted a bit of light in their place of shadows

They swallowed all the pain to feast on a love that remembers

A new way of life was revealed

while the world turns and turns

Acceptance, not quite forgiveness, is what turns

the past into a place now gone

Their strength revealed

all for the child named Faith

by a mother who remembers, a father who remembers

a life never lived in the shadows

Grief turns slowly, becoming faith

She is gone, but love reveals

a bond forged by dispelling all the shadows


prompts: #PenningEmerson, WordPress Daily Post, #MadVerse


    • Thanks! I have no idea where this one came from. I wanted to try a sestina poem and I had the prompts. It’s funny how these things sometimes seem to pull themselves together on their own! I’ve been enjoying reading all of your posts between Facebook and here!

      Liked by 1 person

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