Breaking Walls


If I asked the questions

would it be enough to break through

the walls we build between us

Without offering advice or suggestions

I might have a chance to get to know you

if I asked the questions

It might give us the chance to discuss

all that stands in the way of a chance to connect

Would it be enough to break through?

And so I’ll continue to ask and hope

we can find a way to destroy

the walls we build between us

photo: Pixabay

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  1. That’s a nother thing we’re good at – building walls. Demolisihing them is a whole other story. They can hang around like the Berlin Wall and get in the way of any meaningful connection and communication.

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  2. Ironically, I met a cashier with a finger brace two days ago and i almost asked him what happened to his finger but second guessed myself.

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    • That happens to me a lot too. It’s funny though, when you take the time to start a conversation,you never know where it will lead. My sister has a real gift for this and has strangers opening up to her all the time. It’s nice when we can validate someone else.

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      • Yeah I just hesitated because I’m shy 😂 but I’ll try harder next time. It’s amazing where random conversations with strangers can go.

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