Weekly Smile – Reunions



Here is another blogging event I’ve recently discovered. I am going to try to participate weekly. It’s called “The Weekly Smile” and is hosted by Trent P. McDonald. Check out his blog here.

This is part of his post describing the event: What made you smile in the last week? A photo? A kind word from a friend or stranger? A random act of kindness witnessed in life or on the news? Seeing a small baby or talking to an elderly parent or grandparent?  A joke? A song? Taking a walk? Going skiing? There had to be something. It could be small or Earth shattering. It might be a private word or a very public action. Say in a few words what made you smile. Or post a photo or a video or a link. This is my first response to the challenge.


Some people read their daily horoscope faithfully. I read mine occasionally, allowing a quick distraction from busy days. Last week was different.  I sat at my desk, frustrated with a bout of writer’s block and decided to check my horoscope, hoping something would spark inspiration. The cryptic message hinted at an opportunity to speak with someone I hadn’t thought of in a very long time. Someone from my past would be coming into my life again. I was mildly amused and it did lead me to wonder about old friends and what scenarios might play out if I bumped into various people. If nothing else, it broke the block and I returned to writing.

A few days later, I found myself thinking about that horoscope, curious about who it was I was destined to meet. I checked it again. A similar message appeared, talking about reunions. I mentioned it to my husband and also told him it said we would be coming into some kind of financial reward in the coming days. He laughed and said he hoped it was true. Nothing has happened on the financial front, but as far as reunions are concerned, well…it appears this horoscope was on target.

My sister recently started a new job. Turns out, an old friend of mine works in the same building. After being introduced by colleagues, she connected the dots and asked if he knew me. Once the connection was confirmed, they caught up on the places life had brought us and she passed along my contact information. Not long after, I received a text from Jon and we quickly caught up on the more than thirty years that had passed since we last spoke.

My husband and I have been invited for dinner tomorrow. I’m excited to visit with Jon and his wife and share old stories. They live in a part of the state where my husband and I are planning to move in the upcoming year and it will be nice to build a friendship with a couple who live nearby. Jon shares my love for writing and I look forward to bouncing ideas off one another.

My horoscope for today tells me Trust in intuition. Have faith in what is happening at the moment. Trust in the cycle of life. One of the goals I’ve set for this year is to engage more in the writing community and make more connections. I do have faith that the plans I have can come to fruition. Connecting with old friends and new is part of the cycle of life. This moment is connecting my past to the present and that makes me smile.


  1. I do like to find writing inspiration in different places, though I usually don’t look at horoscopes. How cool that it came true! And an amazing coincidence that your sister started a new job and happened to have a coworker that you knew 30 years ago! Almost 30 years ago, during air traffic control training, I had to ace an exam to move on in that career path. My horoscope for that day was something like, “Put yourself on automatic pilot, keep your wings steady and you will fly to reach your goals”. I did ace the test that day… (I moved out of ATC a long time ago and have been a computer nerd for quite a while now)

    Thanks for joining the weekly smile!

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    • Isn’t funny how it sometimes works out? I don’t normally turn to horoscopes for inspiration, but when you’re stuck, you’re stuck. 🙂 I’m happy to join your event. It’s great to promote positive energy! I’ll be back soon.

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