Skeleton Keys


Was it there all along?

An invitation unopened

beneath collections of correspondence

unanswered, ignored, aggressively

pushed away

A smile behind tears

tracing lines, carving sorrow

Muddying waters in a whirlpool

slowly pulling down, drowning in the place

where light disappeared

Sun shining brightly behind

rolling storm clouds

throwing daggers of electricity

that incinerated everything it touched

in a desperate inferno

Was it there?

A glimmer of hope

almost imperceptible

unfolding gently as dark skies gave way

to the splendor of a new day

refreshing, renewing, rebirth

Arriving in soothing waves

born of the salty tides of yesterday

baptized in the name of love

blessed by gods of forgiveness

blowing kisses on the wind

And as awareness defined a new life

and old skin was shed one scale at a time

it happened

Dreams replaced haunting nightmares

Inspiration defeated repeated regret

Happiness found that skeleton key

and married metal to lace

to unlock a battered heart

photo and prompt: Writing Outside the LinesThe Daily Post


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