Paper Ambitions


I was paper

my ruled lines, empty

anticipating worlds we’d create

one word at a time

I was open

my blank spaces, ready

willing to receive your wisdom

one word at a time

You, a Charmer of the most venomous snake,

Master of Secrets, scheming

creating optical illusions

one word at a time

I was unprepared

my delicate skin, ripped

frenetic writing undermining dreams

one word at a time

Until that word was spoken

leaping from the page

to nestle in the hearts of many

resist, resist, resist, resist

We are paper

lines drawn, ready

creating a world, strong and united

one word at a time

photo: Pixabay

prompts: Lyric Ideas, #Monday Motivation, #MSPoetry, Bryan Grissom, WP Daily Post

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