Creeping vines of self-righteousness seek to find hold

Whitewashed versions of truth, nothing but a blindfold

Quarrels of man hurt before reaching the heart of the matter

Pain, a necessary evil if dialogue is meant to be more than mindless chatter

Visible scars cast a sheen on egos that scramble for fool’s gold

If by chance, one is willing to pay the price to be paroled

Understanding voids the masquerade of souls once willing to be sold

Rotten and narrow, those old beliefs fall away with unimportant smatter

Still, creeping vines of self-righteousness seek to find hold

Always a work in progress, communication must be bold

A willingness to be vulnerable to release the stranglehold

Suffering to see it through wrings all regret, bruised and tattered

Allows a connection that opposing views can not scatter

The process, long and arduous, brings blessings untold

Cut those creeping vines that seek to find hold

photo: Pinterest

prompts: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle 153, Two Sylvia’s Press, #MSPoetry


  1. To me the speaker in the poem is searching for authenticity. Having to deal with cheaters and liars, so many fake people she’s trying to work through and around that but working through it is worth it and a blessing in the end. Lovely poem 🙂

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