Sometimes illusion eviscerates expectation

like reverse reflections mirroring shattering glass

Defiant, the faithful pursue unattainable goals

embracing intent to entice new roles

Wading into dark and deep crevices

that lurk outside defined boundaries

some are waylaid on hidden shoals

sinking deeper into predetermined holes

But for some who dare to fly with clipped wings

those jagged shards cast shimmering points of light

A beacon when hope was hung on the hangman’s poles

An escape route from what providence dictates and doles

Sometimes expectation inspires rousing illusions

like prophetic reflections mirroring that magic looking glass

Faithful, the defiant defy unattainable goals

embracing intent to embrace new roles

photo: Pinterest

prompts: #TastyPoem, #MSpoetry, #TLPoetry

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