Silent Detonation


Scenes played out, familiar but not quite intimate.

A slight detachment between performers and audience, yet a story shared by many.

Mutual connection separated by varying degrees of separation.

If each experience is unique, is the collective result skewed?

A responsibility to warn of dire consequences

hangs in the air, drowning out

voices repeating

old lines


a silent witness

unmasked as worlds come undone

Contrition does not absolve


one chance

to stop duplicating

past choices too many made

A responsibility to warn of dire consequences

Is this collective experience skewed when nothing is really unique?

Varying degrees of separation are still the same color bathed in different hues

A story shared by far too many persists without an alliance between each one of us

The familiar, intimate on any stage




prompts: Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie, #MSpoetry, WordPress Daily Post

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