I dreamt of my past last night…

the ultimate paradox

that place where my dreams lived

when all the edges were smooth and

promises opened to possibilities that

blossomed in the night

where even the tension that beckoned

each morning serves now as my muse

and the drama it owned told stories

that would fill any playhouse with audiences

who urged the ingénue to bite a poisoned apple


I suppose I’m stuck in still believing

you get what you deserve and maybe

this is where I belong

this stalemate I call home

so familiar in its restlessness

that claims hope each day

where thieves disguised as

faith and belief and ambition

steal a little more as I continue

to sleepwalk aimlessly


Or could it be, as I’m exploring this

self-indulgent note in this dream I had,

that the message is there, waiting

a way to find freedom from this lot

I’ve cultivated, I’ve carelessly encouraged,

Might be I’m holding the trident of Neptune

as I play on the rocky shore

Might be I’ve been treading water for long enough

and it’s time to sink or swim

Might be that dream last night was so commonplace

I’ve forgotten to fear it

A paradox, this future tangled in the past

where nightmares masquerade as dreams


photo: Pixabay

prompt: Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie wordle #159









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