Scarlet Letters

scarlet letter


She was somewhat of a local legend

what with the way she always dressed in black

An obsidian obelisk stuck in the candy-colored swirl of clouds,

her youthful face obscured by the weight of her grief

Still, she was woven into the community fabric,

an example of the perilous journey betrayal invites

A warning

Trust long since left behind, scattered in the days

when she existed in another life, another place

A perpetual hiatus

Even casual observations painted her heartsick regret

with a brush heavy with accusation

Commonly held belief held her accountable

for his permanent departure, that night he did it

that morning when she found him, lifeless

when even a spectacular sunrise could not

undo what he did, what she did

Discarding the rule of law that called her blameless,

this tight-knit town handed down its own sentence,

ostracizing her in a place that had always been home

She would never again belong



photo: Google Images


prompts: #HeartToPoetry, WordPress Daily Prompt






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