IMG_0358 (2).JPG

Below the city’s cobblestones,

it shifted, restless and hungry

Its assault knew no bounds

I never saw it coming

Intent on satisfying a lust for chaos,

it lingered in the night

calling my name

And I, already astray on tumultuous seas,

sought refuge on its false oasis,

believing its promise of safety

Its lighthouse, sweeping lights spewing gentle rage,

deceived this lonely sailor

desperately grasping at lifelines

I bathed in its devious beams

Bruised and battered, I climbed its rocky shore

My boat, nothing but splinters, lay strewn against its bluffs

My tender feet masticated by skeletons of those who came before

Lured by its siren call, I persisted,

dragging myself to a gleaming gate

swung open in grand gestures of welcome

City streets, cold and empty, warned of danger

Still, I fell to my knees

thankful to be on solid ground

I never felt its knife plunge into my back

photo: mine

prompts: MLMM – First Line Fridays, #SW Prompt 04, #Written River, WordPress Daily Post

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