Ode to a Kiss


Gifted by time’s sweet perspective,

twists and turns defined a solitary kiss

To heal the hurt, his simple objective

a lingering embrace, a rescue from the abyss

And in that moment when time stood still,

when faith and trust meant letting go

I felt these intentions of his

A connection meant to chase away that chill

A chance to erase the trials of long ago

I understand now what love is

Battle scars bent on naming me defective

I wandered about feeling amiss

Defense tactics, my shield deflective

Never afraid of those things I’d miss

I was content sliding downhill,

adept at being invisible, a lonely shadow

but something in those eyes of his —

a plea to trust, a promise of good will

and with that, I offered hope in escrow

to take a chance without analysis

Years and laughter mark this retrospective

spent mostly in moments of bliss

A life built on this chance collective

forgotten by a past I now dismiss

Dreams we take care to refill,

an insurance on each blessed tomorrow,

knowing he is mine and I am his

That sweet kiss, the start of promises to fulfil

Watching this love grow and grow,

this is what love is

photo: Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie

prompts: Tale Weaver #129, #TastyPoem, #SWPrompts


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