Art as Freedom

mlmm haibun aug 2.png

Metamorphosis defines shadows clinging to stark white walls —worlds all at once lost and found. Complete surrender dressed in submission, he was without regret. The choice to step away from colors that bled, he sought serenity in simplicity and found it in the quiet lingering on pages yet to be filled. An artist of masterpieces yet to be created.

The final break, the transition from rules created in a spirit meant to break them to that place where need overcame desire was made the instant he let go.

Importance is lost

when monetary gain trumps

the beauty in art


rare, elusive, undefined

exists without rules

art: Matteo Pugliese

prompt: Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille


  1. Yes times three. I am a master rebel rule breaker. I think since birth… But that’s another story…

    Thanks for stopping by my piece. I seem to be good at mashing prompts – one of my skills.
    I am a poet too. 🙂

    Continued success in your future writing. ~Jules

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