By Chance

mindlovesmiserysmenagerie photo challenge 179

Barraged by noise, the clanging and banging sounds of industry insidiously

creeping into every corner, every moment, every thought

I lost the ability to find silence

and when faced with adversity, issues and challenges relentless in their pursuit

of chaos, of turmoil, of white-hot anger, of well-planned revenge

I lost perspective

I met a woman once by chance as we shared the same road

Content as cold winds blew through our common space, she smiled

The jostling of irritated commuters vying for optimum position didn’t bother her

She sat, hands folded, smiling at anyone who happened to look in her direction

Intrigued, I had to know more

and so I slid into the seat beside her

to listen to her story

Her days were not long for this earth, she shared

as she took my hand and patted it without reservation

Her words spoken next cut above it all until there was nothing else to hear

When all options are stripped away

without warning or consideration

for what might have been,

only one choice remains


She told me she imagines herself

a cathedral

where quiet serenades her soul

and soft beauty cushions her fear

She told me she imagines herself

a vessel

something to provide comfort and shelter

as she anticipates this next journey

We spent the last few miles alone together

in imagined places the outside world could not reach

When the last stop was called and we turned to go separate ways

I wished her well and thanked her

a gift of perspective

I cherished it as I continued alone

a walk in silence to find my way


photo: Peterio – MLMM Photo Challenge 179

prompts: WordPress Daily Post, #writingandhealing, #becomingfragile


  1. I didn’t like this picture for photo Challenge but I really loved your poem about this person dying imagining what she will be when she’s gone. What she wants to do and provide for those left behind. It’s really beautiful as is the person listenings realization that serenity is needed in her life. You made this photograph lovely with your words and now I can look on in differently 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Glad you liked it. You might want to try it. I have found that it is very, very helpful to have seeds of inspiration stored up for those times when nothing come to mind to write about. Then you can reach back and pull out a seed and get a beautiful blossom from the past.

        In fact I got one this morning that ended up blooming on me today from something I just read. I will be posting it tonight. Actually it bloomed before I could deposit it in the bank. It was just one word but it hit me. It pays to be on the lookout for great words and phrases. It is titled “I Cannot Write In Cursive” – the word was “Cursive”. I hope you come by to view it??

        Liked by 1 person

      • Absolutely! One of my goals for this year is to be more active in responding to the work of others. I’m reworking my teaching strategies and that’s eating a lot of my time, but once things settle in at school, I’ll be more involved.

        I’m looking forward to reading your latest posts. I’ll stop by before the end of the day.


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