More than Words

more than words.jpg

Because it isn’t about words…


these poems we create

these songs we write

these stories we tell


It isn’t about words

that hold no power


They can’t begin to exist

until we, the writers, trust enough to let go

to find the place where they become something more


Words don’t matter


Not without tears from shattered hearts

or blood on the hands of our demons,

the butterflies that accompany a first kiss

or the love we spend a lifetime nurturing,

the twisted satisfaction of revenge

and the regret that always follows,

or the pride that makes our chest swell

when accomplishment overcomes defeat


When we find that place where dreams become real

and our pen is only the vehicle to bear witness,

words become more than symbols on a page


And when they disappear,

when our voice is the only sound the reader hears,

words become worlds bewitched




photo: Flickr





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