Harvest Time


harvest time

Was no coincidence, this dream I had

I was casting my spell, in search of solace in an unfamiliar world

One of many supplicants begging to erase your memory

as your ghost, heavy with chains, rattled through barren landscapes

If you reap what you sow

your harvest is a bounty of broken hearts

Seraphic warriors warned of disastrous results

as they polished broken arrows, the ones you

carelessly imbedded in blood-soaked victims

If you reap what you sow

your harvest is a plethora of dashed hope

Even in this netherworld of sleep, I spied your silhouette creeping,

claiming ones willing to squander last chances

on love that could never be

If you reap what you sow

and your life’s work is fuel that feeds ambition,

your harvest is ripe with apples you pointedly poisoned

In this dream I had, our paths crossed for a last time

We met in a place of splendid sorrow, mine filled with messages

leading the way back and yours bent on accountability

Welcome to the reaping

As my spell spills from my lips to your ears, remember

a harvest lacking synergy is doomed to fail

You reap what you sow

photo: Flickr

prompts: #WyldeVerse, #RRPrompt7, #SableSwanV, #BentHalos, #IntrigueVerse,  MLMM Wordle, WordPress Daily Post


  1. thanks for playing the wordle this week 🙂

    interesting ideas you’ve presented with a few of the words – this piece has a certain flowing that contrasts well with the stronger messages – nice touch!

    Liked by 1 person

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