Enthralled by the prospect of new adventure

she followed blindly, slipping into a world where

smoke and ash painted forgotten corners

with the blood of the innocent


Whispers in the mist fueled the mystery

as anxious breaths betrayed bravado

Initiation demanded participation as she tried

to strike a balance between temptation and courage


Last minute misgivings guided her spirit

A feeling no words could capture

composed of a need to self-heal

these demons leading her astray


And when this thrilling intrigue lost its grip

murmurs in her ear became clear

She heard voices urging her

to deny this wayward path


A simple act – to believe

The ghosts of the past speak

to all who listen and embrace

the power of intuition


photo: Pixabay


prompts: OctPoWriMo, #DimpleVerse, #TastyPoem, #MadVerse. #MadCarnival, WordPress Daily Post




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