Mother’s Love

mother's love


A mother’s mission to protect her child

She holds him above the fray, the inhumanity

in this place where good and evil are reconciled

knowing claims of decency present as beguiled profanity

Her tender love and warrior spirit juxtaposed

At one moment encouraging him to fly while her heavy arms resist

letting go, letting go, letting go

Bitter and sweet, this role nature has disposed

She rallies against the heavens, this gift, this curse it will bestow

In the end she will succumb to this path, hoping the years are slow


Not content to live vicariously, she resists the easy and summons the hard

to create a model that encourages kindness while resisting naiveté

To nurture a boy who will grow into a man, heart unbarred

Even as the world goes mad, he will be a castaway

A man who has everything and is willing to share with the few

Lessons both shallow and deep to carry with him as he grows

A mother’s mission to remind, remember, to incite and console

That is her victory, her coup

because even as she releases her hold, she will remain in the shadow

She will relinquish control but never her goal


And when she is gone, her grave marked by porcelain and stone

her soul will rest with ease

He will visit, this boy now fully grown

Her voice, lilting and strong on the breeze

Memories of words teaching him right from wrong

swirl around his tear-stained face, stirring a need to follow

as he shields his newborn baby against the afternoon sun

His tender love and warrior spirit with hers all along

Encouraging her to fly even as his heart feels hollow

He is a good man because of all she’s done



photo: Pixabay


prompts: OctPoWriMo, WordPress Daily Post, #VerseAngel prompt 129, MLMM Saturday Mix





  1. Michele, this is lovely. You’ve captured a mother’s heart, love, and what she does. I especially like: “A mother’s mission to remind, remember, to incite and console…” Your poem is the {proof” of a mother’s influence. Thank you. xoAl

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to mothers. You have got the balance right between the struggle of protecting and caring and letting the child learn from their own mistakes. Thanks for taking part in the Saturday Mix!


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