intrigue verse thoreau quote


I see you. Mired in madness, struggling to be free, you search for a way out. Embrace this journey as those butterflies in your stomach feel more like carnivorous crabs piercing the pit of your soul. Sometimes we must descend into darkness. Sometimes we must view reality through a skewed lens to gain perspective. I see you. We belong to the same kind, the same tribe. And as you fight this battle, know when you reach the other side, Retrospect will reveal your inner beauty. Ride this river of time. I’ll be there, waiting on the sandy shore.


Ascend with intent

Your pilgrimage to find truth

evolves from within

photo: #IntrigueVerse/Manal Jweiles


prompts: OctPoWriMo, #IntrigueVerse, #inkMine, #SableSwanVerse, WordPress Daily Post






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