Safety and fear intertwine

Corruption abided by rules and regulation

All the while, the swain tramps across the fen

to swear allegiance under the gibbous moon


The waif, brunette hair matted by neglect, slinks into the corner

of a garage filled with weapons she can not name

Her lilliputian life, the perfect cover

to grasp all that had once been taboo


Once a place where fields of wildflowers grew with abandon

it is now a graveyard of bombshells and bodies


War has come to paradise


The blind man still sings in the marketplace,

his melodious song not heard by mawkish children scrounging for food


Each man is loyal to his cause

Each cause slurps men into a cauldron of demise

Turn signals misused to guide them down devious path

as captains pester those that dare decline


As old as the ages, this urge to fight

claiming the young, the infirm, the charmed, the disillusioned

Corruption abided by rules and regulation

Safety and fear intertwine


photo: Flickr/loren chipman


prompts: OctPoWriMo, WordPress Daily Post, MLMM Wordle 174, #TLPoetry


*One of today’s prompts asked us to think of our fears. These days, the prospect of war is one of the things that keeps me up at night.






  1. It seems a bit weird to be thinking on my comment, after reading the one preceding it – and acknowledging the perspectives etc. but that’s a different story altogether.

    Anyhow, you’ve done a brilliant job with this week’s wordle – certainly have used it in a creative way – telling a story that so far, is unique from all the other entries. I certainly wasn’t expecting this – but then, I never expect anything as such, never knowing how content will come to be created – so this makes for interesting reading for me (and others too).

    I really like how you’ve penned this – it has strength and power, and in some ways, a quiet dignity. Well done and thanks for playing this week’s wordle. 🙂


      • Never apologize for your content – ever. You write what you need to write – whether it’s more serious, or light-hearted – if you’re writing from your “place of truth” – then that’s all that matters.
        (I understand, my content is often heavy slices of dark – or then extreme opposite and totally “nonsensical” – but mostly dark,)
        And remember, your content isn’t necessarily a reflection of who you are in “real time” life – it’s what it is. So no worries.

        Glad that you enjoy the wordles – and you did a good job with the OctoPo prompt. War and fear and destruction at the push of button is heavy on the minds of many, especially those of us so far removed from other parts of the world.

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  2. War was my profession, and I can but quote Housman:

    These, in the day when Heaven was falling,
    the hour when Earth’s foundation’s fled,
    followed their mercenary calling
    and took their wages, and are dead.

    Their shoulders held the sky suspended;
    they stood, and Earth’s foundations stay.
    What God abandoned, these defended
    and saved the sum of things for pay.

    We went where governments declined to go; we fought for the innocents whose lives were deemed worthless, and we brought the light of muzzle-flash to lift the darkness of fear.

    We kicked down Hell’s door, rolled in a few frags, and went in to kill everything standing.

    We were paid in tortillas and beans, and many of my brothers lie where they fell, unremarked and unremembered.

    For money, and for doing the right thing when no one else would.

    When I die, God will send me out again. Another world, another war. I don’t need Heaven. I am at home in Hell.

    Either we all go home, or no one does.


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