Crashing Dreams

crashing dreams


None could predict the madness living in a childhood nightmare

would become reality. Not for us anyway. We could not imagine it might

become our story. Monsters aren’t supposed to dwell in our closets or under the bed

but sometimes they do, disguised in the apathetic dressing of those who proclaim loyalty.

That’s the most difficult part, being brave: having the courage to feel

while the world turns a blind eye.


Crashing dreams as death

living against shattered hope

today wanes, alone

Alone, today wanes

hope shattered against living

death as dreams, crashing


photo: mine


prompts: OctPoWriMo, #WyldeVerse, #RRPrompt13, #SableSwanVerse, #BentHalos, #BecomingFragile, MLMM Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, WordPress Daily Post




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