Below the Middle

below the middle

Stuck in a place where the world panders to the middle,

assumptions are made defining what I need, what I want,

what it is I desire, what might be attainable

Things I must have to make me a person of value

A constant barrage daring me to measure my self-worth

against societal rankings I had no part in creating


Having lived once in a world of madhouse mirrors, my hunger for more

held paralyzing allure, a deceptive lull between craving, wanting, yearning

for things I did not need – these greasepaint monsters working subtle terror

Peaking in a frenzy of random consumption, it had no choice but to collapse


It was beautiful, this moment of honesty, of release


Hunger driven by a need to fill my soul

Thirst satisfied by the nectar of simple ways

What I want now is different from what I need


At the end of the day, after campaigns conclude and revenue is calculated

and that imaginary bar is set even higher, after careers are made and broken,

I remain here wavering on whimsical designations with complete satisfaction

knowing what I desire – truth, love, the freedom acceptance brings,

and an occasional taste of sweetness,

are always attainable


photo: mine


prompts: OctPoWriMo, WordPress Daily Post, #MadCarnival/#MadVerse










  1. This is very powerful and at first seems confused and a bit dark until the speaker learns and goes back to these simple thing, easily and always available that make her happy. I love the line: “It was beautiful, this moment of honesty, of release,” when she finds her peace.

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  2. I appreciate your thoughts in this work. I think many of us have gotten caught up in wanting more, more, more. This never leads to anything good, but releasing that hunger does, as you said, lead to freedom.

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