Love of One

Love as One

None as complicated

as the game of love

Love as a puzzle

Love as a gift

Gift immortalized in music

Gift celebrated in poetry

Poetry both savory and sweet

Poetry legendary and true

True emotions lost in constellations

True boundaries defined by irregular borders

Borders on the mad

Borders on the effervescent

Effervescent ingénue is radiant

Effervescent martinis shared on a romantic night

Night spies its spell

Night holds the best vantage point

Point toward that trademark arrow

Point toward hearts emitting perpetual light

Light makes ways for true companions

Light glowing under the full moon

Moon marks the way

Moon and stars sparkling

Sparkling eyes shimmer

Sparkling weathervane spins

Spins in time as lovers dance

Spins round and round

Round that old rule of thumb

Round rules meant to be broken

Broken calculus of what is supposed to be

Broken expectations leave room for so much more

More than a word

More than a feeling

Feeling everything as new

Feeling secure in what has become familiar

Familiar hands to hold

Familiar lips to kiss

Kiss to remember

Kiss to forget

Forget all that have come before

Forget all but your beloved

Beloved bestows purpose

Beloved brings meaning

Meaning made clear

Meaning brings life

Life spent together

Life lived as one

One in love

One forever





Image by George Hodan on PublicDomainPictures


prompts: OctPoWriMo, #pinkprompt, WordPress Daily Post, #VerseAngel, MLMM Wordle 175


  1. Most well done in your chosen poetic form – and definitely a most inventive and creative use of this week’s wordle. Very unexpected direction, which makes this absolutely refreshing! I’ve enjoyed this reading. 🙂

    thanks for playing this week’s wordle

    Liked by 1 person

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